Telecommunication Solutions
Impossible Just Takes Longer to Design

Location Based Services Enabler

Hardware, software

  • Intel platform
  • Compact 19” rackmount equipment
  • Dual processor/PSU optionally available
  • High reliability with Raid 1 or Raid 5 SCSI HDD
  • Linux/XFS


  • Accuracy up to 150 m


  • Wide range of potential services
  • Powerful maintenance and reports system
  • Convenient interface for content providers
  • Economical LBS solution
  • Simple implementation
  • Fully functional SMPP
  • Standard interface
  • Information provided by NSS subsystem
  • Cell Identification (Cell ID)
  • Integration with geocoding
  • Safety content management
  • Geographical coordinates calculation
  • Flexible access policy management
  • Integration with RF planning
  • Statistics logging
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Compatible with a wide range of terminal equipment and standard base stations
  • Can be connected to mobile operator’s MSC by E1 trunks with SS7/MAP signaling